MTC Week #3

Well hello my dearest family and friends! Yet another week has passed, and all too quickly in my opinion! So I keep getting confused in thinking that today is our fourth week here (when in actuality it is merely our 3rd) because in our planners we are on week four, this also means that we are not here for a complete nine weeks… but like 8 and 1/2 ish or something! Anyways, again the days are super long as my brain turns to goo sometimes as I learn Albanian- but the weeks are incredibly fast!!

So we had another apostle at our Tuesday devotional this week! Elder L. Tom Perry. What an adorable man. He has a very calming countenance in my opinion. He really stressed the importance of the companionship unit and I love what he said: that ” You are sent in to because one witness is not sufficient.” And it is so true, even in the short time that I have been here and been a new learning missionary there is a special power in the witnesses of two. Many times in lessons with our investigators, the most spiritually powerful moments are when me or my cute companion testify and the other one of us is inspired to back up the others testimony with out own witness as well… I love those moments. We currently have an investigator named Linda from Tirana and Sister Zollinger and I have had some wonderful teaching moments with her already. I would say that we understand about 60-70% of what she says, and sometimes that 20% or so that we are lacking, and sometimes waaaayyy more than that, can feel like a lot… And for our actual ability to speak Albanian I would say we can say like 30% -40% of what we actually want to.  This can be a bit frustrating sometimes, but in one particular lesson we came upon a question with Linda that me and Sister Zollinger didn’t particularly prepare for together, but in that moment I knew exactly what Linda had asked and what to say and I said probably five ish important phrases which she understood perfectly and which allowed our lesson to progress really well. I had studied those particular phrases and vocab earlier and the fact that I was able to recall that during the very moment that I needed it was amazing. Just as it promises in D&C section 84 verse 85: “Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say; but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man…” It was amazing. I think missionaries sometimes think that just asking God to help you in that moment is enough- sometimes I do this, actually a lot- but we must study all we can beforehand and then trust that if we have the spirit with us, we will be able to have  a clear mind and recall exactly what we need to in that very moment.
I mention this coupled with the importance of companionships because in that moment I was able to offer my personal study in the lesson, and there are other times when Motra Z. is at the helm due to her own personal studies. And I am so thankful for her! I can’t imagine having to go into a room alone to face an investigator at this point all by myself! and in Albanian!!! So…  I am very grateful for companionships. Also, serving your companion. There is nothing more important in here than to serve my companion. And I know that when I focus on the happiness of my companion and those around me I find myself much happier. Ties back to the whole “turn out, when the natural man would turn in”. So good.
Alright some other fun things to talk about…. Ok so the past couple weeks our district has been labeled the “diseased” district because ea. companionship except one has had a pretty awful sickness.
-sis z and me have both been sick. she was sick week one, and I have been sick for the last week. Apparently last week I contracted some mutated form of strep-throat… it was kinda funny though because we had to go tot a clinic that was off campus and even though we haven’t been in here very long it was still weird to go out of the MTC and see the “real world” haha. also they decided to test me for Mono… bahahahahah I was like, ” I can promise you I don’t have mono…” but they decided they had to, to make sure the antibiotics for the mutated strep wouldn’t conflict with mono…. bahahah my comp was dying though. So in case anyone was wondering, NO I don’t have the kissing disease. When they came back to tell me the blood test was neg. I was like ” what a relief, now I can go back to being a missionary…” Oh man. Ok. I don’t know why I think this is so funny, i’m cracking up right now. oh ok.
So there’s us being sick, and Elder Opper had some variant of the flu, and Elder Muncy has some stomach thing…. but we are all nearly 100% and on the mend and back with more fervor and passion to learn now!! But everyone still calls our district the diseased district…
Oh also me and sister Zollinger have been called to be the new sister training leaders! so Woooohooooo! We start that on Monday when the Hungarians leave/ PS our zone = Hungarians, Albanians, Finnish, and sometimes a random Estonian but our last one just left like last week……..
Alright I love you all dearly, and hope all is well! To those of you around the world and those of you just up the street. LOVE Ya!!!
<3- Motra Kollmën
topë farë = super cool or ballin hahaha

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