MTC #5

Wowza. So much has happened this week and I seriously can’t believe that it is Pday. This seems to be a constant stream of thought that I have here, that this is all going so fast! Which is kinda good, because I seriously just want to get out there to Albania and start serving those darling people who have fantastic food that I can’t wait to eat….

So wow ok lots of thoughts today and I am a lot less organized than I have tried to be in the past few weeks. And when I am a little scatter brained I usually make lists so this week will be a list week:
1. Sister Zollinger and I are the new sister training leaders and wow has there been much to do this week! It can be a little tricky when you are responsible for helping shepard in new girls to your zone, and then we are also responsible for interviewing them each week and seeing how they are feeling and such. And when you have this many sisters in here, there are quite a few that we are in charge of here, there can be a lot of things going on. And we had a bit of a hectic week in that respect. But I have absolutely loved serving these sisters and I want them to feel absolutely wonderful here and I just hope that we can make as much of a difference for them as our sister training leaders had on us. It is truly an amazing thing when people open up to you, and I have loved having these sisters open up to us. It has allowed us to better understand them and to know how to better serve them. I love them so dearly and I hope that we can help them as much as humanly possible!
2. Elder Russel M. Nelson came and spoke at our devotional on Tuesday and it was wonderful! A bit less fiery and passionate than some of the speakers have been but he brought such a wonderful spirit to the meeting that it really helped me and Sister Zollinger out. Tuesday was hectic with a couple of the sisters. one was sick, and one had a really rough day and we had to work a few things out with her. but we testified to this particular sister that if she would spiritually prepare to go the meeting that the spirit would testify to her and that the speaker would answer her question if she came to the meeting with one in mind.
I am such a firm believer in this principle. If you spiritually prepare for a meeting, and if you make specific questions you are way more likely to receive personal revelation. And you are so much more in tune with the spirit. And this general authority did a wonderful job. We haven’t done our check up interview with her yet, but her spirits have been much higher and there were some things said in his talk that I believe were particularly directed to questions that she might have had. I loved it. This particular sister was having one of those “why am I here” days and the first thing that Elder Neilson started with was , ” many of you may be asking why you are here…” and me and Motra Zollinger just looked at each other and just smiled. The Lord is absolutely marvelous. And though it wasn’t as fiery as some of the speakers like I have said, there were some particular things said in that talk that I believe were catered just to one of our sisters and I am so grateful.
3. Some good quotes/thoughts from the meeting with Elder Nelson:
   – Having Character is better than being one….
   – Enduring to the Endowment: with this one I like to think of this as when we are meeting with our investigators we should not only picture them being baptized but continuing on past that point and enduring so that they may one day enter the temple and be sealed with their family forever that they might be able to enter the celestial kingdom and walk with God/ I loved this thought, and now even here in the mtc when we meet with our investigators I try to picture them in temple white, with their children being sealed for time and all eternity and one day walking hand in hand with their heavenly father.
   – Why are you on a mission? Because you follow Jesus Christ. > I love this. so so so much. Not enough time to address everything that I would wish to, but know that this struck a cord in my heart.
……etc, so many more but so little time.
4. Elder Nelsons wife gave a talk prior to his, and I know I probably shouldn’t say that I liked hers more, but on that particular day her talk resonated with me a bit more. She talked about desperation. We normally associate the word desperation with really negative feelings, and a place or state of being that we never really want to be in. But she talked about how when we are desperate we will do anything, that we will find a way to fix whatever may be causing that sense of desperation. She encouraged us as missionaries to be desperate to bring the gospel to the people of the world, to be desperately praying for help from our heavenly father, and to be desperately involved with our investigators. She said that when we are in a state of desperation ” All excuses and distractions rush away and are completely invalid. And our prayers change.” I want to have that feeling of being desperate. I have just begun to feel the mild pangs of desperation in respects to the language here as I only have less than 4 weeks before I head out to Albania… but I want a heightened sense of desperation, because everything that sister neilson was saying is completely true. When we are desperate WE WILL FIND A WAY. It is hard to wish desperation upon ourselves. But in this work that we are involved in, it is absolutely essential. Because only that feeling of desperation can motivate us to DO something that we otherwise wouldn’t deem essential.
That was probably my very favorite part of the week, and I really hope that I had prepared a bit more on that topic. Perhaps I will write more on that next week. But I encourage each of you, no matter what you are doing in your life to find a sense of desperation that requires you to turn to your father in heaven in earnest and sincere prayer. Because I KNOW that He listens and will help us through anything.
I love this work, and though my brain is exploding from different types of conjugations and command forms and past participles and noun declensions I know that I GOT THIS. I have so many great examples in my life, and I thank all of you for your support. Now just get me to Albania!!!!
Love- Motra Kollmën
more funnz thingsË
– One of the elders here wants to gain weight and has already put on like 15 pounds. It’s hilarious.
– Beach volleyball is where it is at. I am awful, but also the tallest girl so that means that I can jump up and hit it over the net. huzzah
– we might get to skype with a real Albanian in Albania next week…. ahhhhhhh
– I just want to go to Albania
-also I love the temple with all of my heart
-shquip është shumë veshtirë, por është shumë mirë sepse une dua të shkoj në shquiperi tani!!!!!!
– I had more things to say but I forgot. okkkkkkkkkkk unë ju dua!!!!!!

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