MTC #6

How in the world is it Pday again? I don’t even know. Scares me a bit how fast life is going these days.

Alrighty, so this week another apostle came!………..jk. But you all totally believed me. Nope not this week. But we did have a seriously amazing speaker come to Tuesday devotional: Elder Schwitzer of the 70 and he and his wife did an amazing job. Unfortunately I left my spiritual little journal (I call them my own personal small plates) in our classroom…. so I am not going to be specifically quoting this week. But towards the end of his talk he was sharing an experience of when he was a mission president in Russia, and how he visited a small ward Christmas party and there were two elders in that area. And at this Christmas party there were these two elders. One of them was visiting with all of the people and just was so involved with everyone in the ward and all of the investigators who were at the party, and although his Russian was broken and not very good- though this was the last week of his mission- you could see how much he cared about the people and that is what made the difference. (I WANT TO BE LIKE THIS- well the loving the people a lot, + I would also like to speak Albanian but if I have to choose one I would definitely pick loving the people)
His companion on the other hand was in the corner studying a russian grammar book. And Elder Schwitzer noted how although the one companion could speak nearly like a native and very complicatedly… he wasn’t as favored or loved or understood by the people.
Then Elder Schwitzer looked up at all of us and said something along the lines of: ” Elders and Sisters, don’t worry about perfectly conjugating every little thing so much that it distracts you from your true purpose as a missionary. Just make sure that people know how much you care and love them and everything else will work out.”
I love this. It goes right along with the time old quote that “people don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care.” And personally as a missionary who is currently working on countless noun declensions, conjugations, wishing tenses, and so many other things…. which I’m sure I have talked about in past emails….. it was comforting to be told not to worry about it. Well it is obviously necessary to worry a bit about it, and stress a little about it, because stress is very healthy and motivating in good doses, but to not stress so much that it deters me from my true meaning and purpose as a missionary. \
Lately I have been striving so hard to study the characteristics of Christ, and try to become as much like my Savior as possible because He was the ultimate example and teacher. I am currently studying the New Testament along with my regular BOM study, and this has brought me so much peace. Studying the life and teachings of Christ is the ultimate way to know how to act. And especially for a missionary, someone who wears the name of Christ upon my chest all day. I need to be like him as much as humanely possible. Let me tell you it is hard. And I don’t think anyone can ever exactly radiate his love, patience, hope, charity, humility, knowledge, etc as Christ, no matter how hard they strive to within their life. But we can try. As hard as we possibly can. Because when we are constantly getting better, even just a little, we are coming closer to our Heavenly Father and Christ, and that is what this life is all about. Coming closer to our Heavenly Father and ultimately returning to Him.
So there is my little spiritual thought for the day. Wish I had my little journal with me. Drats. Next time. Also next time I will take pictures of this spiritual journal because during devotionals I tend to draw a lot and it is getting pretty awesome. So look forward to that next week.
Ok. I must talk briefly about yesterday. It was one of the best days I have had in the MTC. (To be honest each day just keeps getting better and better- though there are a few less fantastic ones mixed in there to make the brighter ones that much brighter and lovely ;))
1- Taught an amazing lesson with our investigator Besnick who had an amazing personal experience with the BOM: he had an awful day couldn’t sleep, and remembering what we said concerning the peace it could bring, he spent the entire night praying and reading. And we had an amazing discussion/ testimony meeting about it.
2- We skyped a REAL LIFE ALBANIAN! It was a TRC activity and it was awesome and I actually understood like 85% of what she said which is nuts, and we were both baring testimony and then we asked her to share her thoughts and she started crying and it was nutso awesome.
3- Me and sister Z were recommended by our teachers to help out with the “How to begin teaching” orientation meeting with the new missionaries. And for those of you who don’t know what that is: it means that me and sister Z were both given fancy microphones and asked to help in a role play with a new investigators first lesson in front of 2 groups of about 60 ish + newbie missionaries! And it was so super fun.
– Oh also last thursday after emailing, for TRC we had a rockin lesson and the RMs who help out told me and sis Z to keep doing what we were doing for studying because we made a lot of sense and were using clitics and noun declentions right, which is really hard for new missionaries to do, so… sorry if that sounds like I am sounding our trumpet a little bit… but it was very encouraging hehe Also our teacher said that me a sister Z are right were we need to be language wise right now which was super comforting. And they said we are ready for Albania!!!!! JUST GET ME THERE
Life is good. Lemme tell ya. I love this place. And though I have now gotten the same throat virus for a THIRD time since being here, this is truly an amazing place.
Love you all to the moon and back!
Love – Motra Kollmën
Would you like a small testimony in albanian? ok fine, here you go….
Unë e di që këtë Ungillin është vërtët më gjithe zëmër, dhe unë e di që kur ne duam të afrohemi më Perëndise ne mund të kuptonin shumë. Unë e di që Jezu Krishti është Shelbuesi yne, dhe unë mendoj që kur ne shojmë në Shquiperi Ai do të jemi shumë veshtirë, por unë e di që nepermjet Krishti dhe Perëndine, unë mund të bej shumë! Ne emrin e Jezu Krishtit, amen!

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