Hey there family and friends! I hope you are all doing well! This has been an incredibly amazing and awesome week here in the MTC. It has definitely been the busiest week thus far, but I don’t think I’ve ever been happier! And I think that the more busy I become the happier I will be in this work!

This week we had another amazing speaker! GO FIGURE. IT was the Elder Cook of the 12! I feel so incredibly blessed to be here when so many amazing speakers are coming here to speak! It really is amazing when an a member of the 12 gets up because right when they walk in every missionary in the room shoots to their feet mid song and just beams at the member. And sometimes the member waves quickly and sits down, but more often than not the member wants to stand as well and finish out the song with us. That is cool. But when they enter the room and we all shoot to our feet there is a drastically different feeling in the room. The spirit just swells and fills every spare corner of the room and everyone can visibly feel it.
This week Elder Cook talked about a lot of different things. But something that he said to me that I really loved and which resonated with me was how many times he said to us: ” YOU are the message.” And in our district meeting afterwards where our district and our branch president meets with our districts sometimes we had a mini devotional talking about things we liked in the devotional and I just couldn’t seem to think of anything else from the devotional besides this one truth that Elder cook said concerning us being the message. He said ” your assignment is not to be the corporate arm of the church…. but to be the message of the gospel…. and be the builders of His church”. I loved this.
Because- how in the world are people going to listen to a mere 19 year old girl about her belief in God?
 Because of the happiness in my heart, the light in my eyes, and the smile on my mouth. We have to open our mouths to everyone that we possibly can and tell them about the blessings that we have received because of the gospel, and our knowledge that this life is not the end, nor was it the beginning. We are examples of what the gospel can bring, and that is what we are sharing. We are sharing our lives. We are sharing the sorrows that we have been through, and the joy and peace that we have found through the healing power of the Gospel and the love of Christ that we have experienced in our lives.
Something that Elder Cook’s wife said at the devotional also stuck with me: ” You will never know the extent of your influence.” I think this goes hand in hand with what I just talked about, how we are the message. We will never know the extent of the impact that we may have on the people we are teaching or even the people we talk to. And even beyond missionary work I started thinking a lot about how many of you, and how many people have played such a big role in  my life. And though sometimes I may have had a really awkward moment, or had a not so awesome something or other happen to me, I am grateful for every single experience that I have had and every person who I have interacted with because they have helped form the person who I am today. And I don’t know that I would able to pinpoint a single person who helped me learn a specific thing(well there are a few that I could directly pinpoint, but not what EVERY person I meet helps me learn) , but I know that the small little things build up and make a person. So it is all the tiny, as well as the big, things and interactions with people that I have met that have made me the WHO I am. And though I have a very long long long longgggggg way to go as far as becoming a better refined me, I am so grateful to every single person that I meet each day, or have met, because they have made the sister coleman that is sitting here in the MTC typing away furiously on the keyboard. And I wouldn’t want to change anything, because it might change the fact that I am sitting here. And being here in the MTC ready to head out to albania in 12 days is something that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. So thank you -all of you who have had any kind of role in my life. You have impacted me more than you could ever ever know. I LOVEEEEE YOUUUUUU 🙂
ehhhehhhhh welllllllll sorry if that got all nutso. But it is super true. You all rock.
I’m always breaking through and reaching new spiritual highs here! I LOVE IT. But I really can’t wait to get out to the mission field. Head up to Shkoder and learn Gheg ( my teacher motra Iftiu has predicted that my first area will be a city called Shkoder in the north…. where they speak very thickly and it sounds nothing like the Albanian I have been learning called Tosk…. soooooo i’m just gonna have to relearn a lot of things when I get there….. hahah also Gheg is like albanians “hick” talk if you will….. woooohhooooooo! hahahahaa oh man I’m seriously so excited.) We learned a little gheg but not much. It’s gonna rock.
Me and my wonderful comp. sister Z were chosen to do the how to begin teaching workshop again. It is so fun!
I really love it here. But I’m glad we are heading out as soon as so  sososososossooooo many missionaries are heading in here. We are just missing a massive wave. so that is good. Next week will be my last pday in here and then I’m off to Shquiperi!
I love you all soooo muchhh!
– Motra Kollmen

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