WEEK 2 Tirana

Hello there wonderful Family and Friends! What a week of sifting it has been! We were able to work through a whole slew of people who at this moment just aren’t ready and willing to accept Christ in their lives right now. And it is alright because now it allows us to find the people who are prepared and wanting the touch of Christ and this Gospel in their lives.

But It has been a crazy week. We have absolutely packed days. The night before in nightly planning we call all of those people we were wanting to assess or not really active members we are trying to bring back or potential investigators and we line them up for the next day, and then nearly every single lesson falls through the next day. In the moment when they don’t show, I won’t lie, its a little disheartening. BUT, it helps us work through the people who actually care… and  the number who actually care is very very small. Its crazy. This area is just so busy and everyone is struggling to feed their families so they are working as many hours as possible and just cant find time for God in their lives. However instead of being frustrated with the people, it motivates me even more to find the people who are actually prepared. Because I KNOW that He is preparing people to receive the message that we carry.
I have been thinking a lot this week on all of these busy Albanians. They are all of them struggling and I know that if they would just stop for one moment and TRY to invite Christ into their lives, their lives would improve tenfold. So I have been really studying on how in the world do I motivate these people to Action? And the conclusion that I have come to through my diligent study of the scriptures is that All that I can do as the missionary is constantly testify, and invite others to come unto Christ fervently and sincerely, and serve them with all of my heart. That is really what I am here to do. To live a life in accordance to the Gospel, live a life that testifies of Christ. And open my mouth and preach to as many as will hear through the Spirit. But once I say my part and invite the spirit, He is the one that carries the message to the person, and then it is entirely up to that person to decide whether or not they will let the message into their hearts. Because everyone has their agency.
Agency is one of the most beautiful gifts that mankind has ever been given. But at times it is so very frustrating. My job is to “Open (my) mouth at all times… declaring (the) gospel with the sound of rejoicing…” *D^C 28:16… but as it states in PMG : People have the agency to choose whether to accept (my) message… I love agency. It is so beautiful. But just as with every other most amazing gift, when used the wrong way, they have the potential to become very harmful. And I pray each night, fervently that these people will use their agency to let Christ into their lives to help them. Because I KNOW that He will. If they will but just let Him in.
This area is very tired. The people work insanely hard to support their families and are saving in hopes of leaving Albania to create better lives for themselves in other countries. But I pray with all of my heart that we can be a light to them. My companion and I are stressing living in perfect obedience, because as I learned in the MTC, there is a true power and blessing that comes from perfect obedience. And I know that many blessings will flow from this decision of ours to be perfectly obedient.
I love this work. It is very hot and it is quite humid. And though hardly anyone will stop to listen, I know that we will find the preciously prepared ones. We just need to widen and deepen our pool of people. And though tiring, I constantly smile. Because what I am doing now is but a small similitude of my gratitude for what my Savior suffered for me, and it is the very least I can do to show my gratitude and help these wonderful brothers and sisters of mine return back to the fold. I am so lucky to be a part of this marvelous work. And I am determined and motivated to change this area!
I love you all to the moon and back!
Love Motra Kollmen (Sister Coleman)
Fun things:
We have one baptism set up for August 2nd! Her name is Xhena Lena she is 16 as she is a gem. I pray that she will be open to the spirit and continue on this path\
Also my companion is hilarious. I should keep a quote book of the things she says.
And I’m running out of timee. ….. but the old people who are here are absolutely lovely and fantastic. They stop us in the part and like making jokes with us and they think we are JW’s and we have to clarify and they joke about things that I don’t understand and it is beautiful and they are all playing chess and just chuckling. Ahhhhh what a wonderful people I am privileged to be serving…
Ok byeeeee

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