Tirana week #4 LITTLE MIRACLES

Hello my wonderful family and friends! I hope that you are all doing so well!

Well this week, we have started to make some serious goals and are really beginning to implement some marvelous ideas. So now when we street contact. We have a picture of Baptism and we ask if they know what it is and then we talk about it very simply and explain that it is the way that we can be forgiven of our sins and get rid of our feelings of inadequacy and shame that comes from making mistakes and sinning in our lives. And we ask if they would want something in their life. And ask how they think something like that would change their lives. Then we invite them to be baptized. And so on and so forth. As soon as we get it super down to a science here in Albania and figure out what works, I will share our dialogue with you! But it is way fantastic.
This new method of contacting is still in the process of being adapted to the Albanian people, and we are still adapting ourselves to this kind of approach. We are doing role plays in the morning to start getting used to this kind of approach- yes, we do many role plays here to get ready for teaching, oh the joy of being on the missionary training program for the first 12 weeks! It’s way helpful I promise-  and we are just trying to teach and contact so so simply. This is seriously so amazing, and though we have just started to use it. We are really seeing success in this kind of approach. We haven’t had anyone accept yet. But we have gotten some numbers for church tours and we will be contacting much much more this week with this idea. We are upping our contact time per day to at least an hour and a half. At LEAST. and just talking to as many people as humanely possible. The hardest thing here, is muhabet. small talk. People love to small talk here. But we are just going to be bold and if they shut down the baptism thing and start moving into muhabet mode, we are just gonna move on quickly and politely. Because we are looking for people who Heavenly Father is preparing for us to meet. And I KNOW that He is preparing people for us. We just have to talk to as many of these people as we can, sift through, and find the preciously prepared ones.
This approach is bold. Because we don’t have time to beat around the bush when it comes to someones salvation. – as one of my MTC teachers said. And it is so true. This contacting approach is not only making us more bold on the streets when we are contacting, but making us bolder in general. We are bolder setting up appointments, bolder as we testify. And it is making us bolder in just sharing with people. With Everyone.
And now I will share a mini miracle with you:
So one evening after 2 hours of contacting using our new baptism approach, with little success, we were headed back to our apartment to take care of some phone calls. We were walking in between some houses in an ally when we saw a girl walking and I said to my companion ” wow I really like her bag..” and then my companion and I decided to run after her and tell her that we liked her bag and try to invite her to be baptized. And to our amazement. this is what happened. So we run up behind her as she is starting to walk up the stairs to her house. And we start our conversation with the bag shpeal and then she says ” actually I used to be a member of your church. I saw you walking, and wanted to say hello, but felt bad because I haven’t been active for nearly 2 years.” WOW. She then proceeded to invite us in where her mother and nephew were and we shared a brief message with them and talked and they have been through the temple and everything and have just moved here from Fier. And though they haven’t been active for personal reasons they really do believe and love this gospel. The mom and the nephew accepted our invitation and came to church the next day and we are going to do a service for the daughter after I email. But they had said how much they missed church and how they still knew that it was true. So now we have a few more returning members. But how wonderful! And that wouldn’t have happened without us being bold and LITERALLY running after her!
We have to be bold. And we have to share with everyone we can. Because we never know who the lord is preparing or trying to help return home to him. I know that nothing on a mission happens by chance. And I know that as we consecrate ourselves to our Father in Heaven and this mission, and strive to be PERFECTLY obedient, and strive with every fiber of our being to be the best missionary (person) we can be, I know that he will put people in our paths and will help us accomplish anything.
I love you all so much, and I hope that you will be bold this week.
Love, Motra Kollmen
Fun things:
-bought a juicer today…. woohooooo!
-saw some cows eating out of a dumpster yesterday
-went on a hike through a jungle like place to reach an appointment yesterday in the boonies
– we have found a brand of pear juice that tastes like the pear jelly belly
– people here ask me and motra fevaro to marry them sometimes. and it gets a little awkward. just keep walking. just keep walking.
– we got another baptismal date. its our other baptismal persons friend! They are both so great and just trying to work in times to meet because they are way busy with work. But they should be taking place in the middle of next month.
– We are really excited about that juicer. like really really excited. 🙂

Crepes people. CREPES. They are wonderful.

Crepes people. CREPES. They are wonderful.

So this is our apartment...

So this is our apartment…

CIMG4714 CIMG4715

hiking in the jungle to get to an appointment... with our member in her high heels... hehe she is the best!!!

hiking in the jungle to get to an appointment… with our member in her high heels… hehe she is the best!!!



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