Albanian Girl

What a week! I am a bit pressed for time now but I will say a few things about what has happened this week!

– Rosa was baptized! And what an amazing day it was. I don’t think I have ever been happier than I was when she came up out of that water, or when she received the gift of the holy ghost on Sunday. She is such a special spirit, and in the testimonies that she offered after her baptism and after her confirmation were astounding. She is very spiritually mature, and has a very solid relationship with her heavenly father. How amazing. She got baptized on Friday, a month to the day when we met her for the first time. we only taught her for over 3 weeks… I cannot believe it. I feel like I have known her forever. She is such a strong daughter of god.
– Have 5 others on dates. We are so excited for them. And we are setting even more time aside this week to find, and get more people on dates.
– Went to Elbasan today, way fun! Walked around on a castle, and ate some lovely food.
– Had presidents interview this week also, and it was so good. He is so spiritual. We really talked a lot about prayer. And he really compared it to it as if we are working in an olive garden, and he asked me to paint a picture in my head,  and he asked me to place the servants, and the master of the garden… and he asked me where I had placed them. And I said that the servants are harvesting the fruit, and the master is standing right behind them telling them in their ear what they should do, pointing out the ripe fruit and telling them how they are to harvest.- And that is exactly like this work. We should be listening to the master, Christ, in all things. And because he is right there with us, we can turn to ask his help and ask advice. How wonderful? We need only turn and ask. – I loved that he had me do this little exercise with him. He then committed me to really more sincerely listen in my prayers. To take time to listen. earnestly. And I know that it is working.I just need to spend even more time listening. Because He is there. Just waiting for us to ask him what we should do, if our daily plan for the next day is good, or if we need to change it… He will send thoughts and impressions to our minds and hearts if we ask Him.
– My companion is so amazing and spiritual, and such a  good example to me. I love her. And I couldn’t ask for a better trainer. 
-Language is getting better. Everyday a bit better! 
Next week I will have a good email for you all. But know that I love this work. It is beautiful. I experience amazing miracles everyday, we just have to open our eyes to them. I love you all so much! 
Love, Motra Kollmen 
alright! This was rosalinda's baptism! It was so beautiful. She is so wonderful

alright! This was rosalinda’s baptism! It was so beautiful. She is so wonderful


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