where to start..

I never know where to start… So much transpires each week that I feel that I can’t possibly pick one thing to talk about!

The Tirane third ward is doing so well right now! Besides 70 percent of the actual members being on pushim (vacation), the work is really moving forward right now. We are having at least 6 investigators to church for the past few weeks, and we have some really amazing investigators right now with Baptismal dates for the upcoming weeks! This Friday we are having a baptism service for the wonder-girl Rosa 🙂 I love her so much. Yesterday at church she was in relief society with us, because the other ONE young woman that we have, and the instructors are out of town for vacation… and in relief society we talked about the gift of the holy ghost. And for not having the gift of the holy ghost yet, this girl sure does already have a testimony about it. She was raising her hand and just offering up some of the most amazing comments about the holy ghost acting as a comforter and how he guides us and how he is so holy and amazing. She was so amazing! She says things very simply, but oh so powerfully.
As she was offering up these explanations to these women who have been in the church for a few years and have had more time to mature spiritually and learn, she was teaching them in simple terms and offering up her own experiences! And I couldn’t help but just beam at her with such love and joy in my heart. I am so proud of the progress that she has made, and I can’t believe that we are the ones teaching her. She is teaching me! Everyday, I can’t believe how amazingly blessed I am to have the example of the investigators that we have.
Something that I have done since I have been a missionary, is in each prayer, ask for a greater feeling and sense of love for each person that I come in contact with. To have more love for the people I invite to learn more about baptism, to have more love for our returning members, to have more love for my companion, for our struggling investigators, for our progressing investigators, for everyone! And it works. I notice myself just smiling so brightly at all of these people, because I feel a greater sense of love for them. Because I really do. I love them. I want to share a beautiful message with them. And I know that once they feel our love, they will then stop and listen. Because they will know that we care. Because as we all know ” people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
Sorry that this email isn’t as long. But there are too many things bouncing in my head. My advice for you all. Just pray for a greater understanding of the love that Christ has, that Heavenly father has, for those around you. Because I promise you. He loves you each so much. He has perfect love for all of us. So let us also strive for that perfect love. Because that is what is going to motivate us beyond anything else.
I love you all, SO MUCH!
Love, Motra Kollmen
Fun things:
-Went bowling today!
-President Weidmann came to church yesterday as a surprise! It was wonderful 🙂
– ROSA is getting baptized on friday!
– This week we have really up-ed our goals, and it’s going to be beautiful.
– It is incredibly hot. I thought it was hot before, but apparently its just getting into the hottest season.
– fun fact. everyone takes naps here from 1-6… it is a ghost town. Not one soul outside.
– Have president’s interview this week, I am so excited!
– my comp is hilarious. Always.



Today we went to elbasan which is like an hour away just for a day trip, here are some pictures of us at a castle. :)

Today we went to elbasan which is like an hour away just for a day trip, here are some pictures of us at a castle. 🙂

My companion is the best. She is hilarious.

My companion is the best. She is hilarious.



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