Soooooooo I will be staying here in the beautiful area of the Tirane Third ward! And my new lovely companion is Sister Vermunt from the glorious land of Canada!! (Let the Canadian v. American jokes commence)  We will be serving together starting tomorrow till the end of December!
Which means……… I get to spend Christmas with some of the most amazing people that I have ever met in my whole life, I love this ward! I can’t think of anything more beautiful. Why are you thinking of Christmas Motra Kollmen? (considering we haven’t even celebrated the beautiful festivities of All Hallows Eve or Turkey day yet…) Well, because this last wednesday, Sister Favero and I celebrated our transfers Christmas, with sweaters and hotchocolate and some David Archuleta/MoTab. Because it just had to be done. Now, I have never been one to listen to Christmas music early. I never agreed with people starting up the Christmas tunes as soon as they put the turkey leftovers in the fridge, but.. I am a changed sister now. Although, I am currently looking forward to Halloween again, so the christmas tunes are waiting till their proper time to come out again in December… as is proper. But I will say, It was a beautiful experience. Christmas in September. Good stuff.
This week we had a beautiful sister missionary conference at the mission home, where all 17 of us sister missionaries (in all of albania, kosovo, and macedonia) assembled ourselves, and had a beautiful training on the Atonement by our lovely mission president’s wife. It was a simple message, a story that I had heard before, about the debtor and his friend who pays the debt and then the debt is owed to the friend instead. But this time, I felt it more personally. We know the friend in the story, is Jesus Christ. He has paid for us in full. Our duty, my duty,  is to follow Him in everything, to give Him everything I have. Because even everything that I have, is not enough for what He did for me. But what He asks from me, from Motra Kollmen, is my very best, to yield all that I have to Him. And after I have done everything that I possible can to follow Him, then He will stand by me, taking my hand and plead my case. He knows me- he knows the feelings of inadequacy, awkwardness(let me tell you, sometimes it is awkward being a missionary, so just expect me to be a little weird when I get home, well… you all know I was weird before so I’ll probably be the same) But how nice to know that someone knows EXACTLY what I feel! He feels the little not so awesome feelings, but I know He also shares in our joy, or feelings of triumph and success, because we have those feelings and experiences because of Him too. And let me tell you, the feelings of joy and triumph that I have in my savior, far out-way those moments of awkwardness.  He loves me. He loves us all so much! So, it was a beautiful training. President and Sister Weidmann are very inspired people.
Sorry if that was a bit rambly, not quite sure how to formulate all my feelings and thoughts, and I forgot my journal at home. One day you can see all the notes! But amazing things are happening here!
Ooh forgot to say that Sister Favero is headed up to Kosovo~ with sister Zollinger, my buddy from the MTC! They are gonna rock.
Love you all dearly!
Read in your scriptures, study the atonement. Pray. Help each other.
Motra Kollmen
teaching albanians live long and prosper. sorry not a pic of me. but this is funny

teaching albanians live long and prosper.
sorry not a pic of me. but this is funny


roza girl, and soni another investigator... like my skirt? sister f gave it to me. :)

roza girl, and soni another investigator… like my skirt? sister f gave it to me. 🙂


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