MRI’s 1/2 off! Get ’em while you can!

Well people. My new companion is fantastic! Sister Vermunt is wonderful! Unfortunately she has a couple body issues as of late, so we have become very good friends with the Greek Hospital staff this week! Don’t worry. She is ok. Just has some weird things that we don’t know what they are, and also we know that she has kidney stones. Poor kid! But I am taking care of her, and she is still working way hard. Probably harder than she should be. But she is seriously a feisty and hard worker. Anyhoo, the title is like that because Sister V. had to get an MRI and while we were scheduling one for the next day, the lady said that it was better to pay for it today because today they were half off! SO she paid for her MRI and got it for like 150 Lek instead of 300 or more. So it was a good day. who has sales on MRI’s? anyhoo. Gotta love it. Then we go back the next day, and they put some needles in her and get her ready for her big test…. only then does the nurse come back and say that we would have to come back the next day because the power was turned off, and they were running on the generator! These are stories we will remember forever. Don’t worry, she got her brain scanned and is all good up there šŸ™‚ But truly, she is amazing.

I have already started to learn so much from Sister V.. She has taught me to embrace who I am and recognize that the Lord called Sarah Jane Coleman to work here. That the lord has a particular plan for my particular person. My particular set of skills/oddities/craziness/oddness/talents/etc/whatever you want to call them(don’t know why oddness crept up twice…)! And I am only just beginning to learn what that means. I have only just started exploring this. I had heard countless missionaries before tell me this in emails home, and I thought cool, they are being more confident in who they are, merely thinking good for them, because I thought I had a strong grasp on who I was. And I do. I know who Sister Sarah Jane Coleman is, but I want to know who she is becoming, who she needs to become while she is a missionary. Because I don’t want to be the same person I was at home. Yes I want to still have the fun and good qualities that I had at home, but I want to be more consecrated, more solid in my knowledge of who I am and what I am capable of, more confident and more reliant on the Lord. I would say that I am becoming this, avash avash, slowly slowly out here in Albania. And I really can’t wait to see who I become. I will work hard to develop those qualities I know I need, and work at strengthening the good qualities I already had. I am really excited for this transfer, for embracing Sister Sarah Jane Coleman, and working to become the missionary, the person that I need to be!
Good things are in store for this transfer. Got a baptism coming up in two weeks, and a couple others a few weeks after. Good things are happening over here in third ward. These people are my best friends. I can’t even stop smiling thinking about everything that is happening over here.
Sorry for this shortie-ish and abstract email. LOVE you all dearly!
Pray hard. Study the words of the prophets, old and new, with a hungry soul. Be good to other people.
Love, Motra KollmenĀ CIMG5293 CIMG5294 CIMG5292

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