Kishe Loc

Hello there! Wow, so many wonderful things have happened this week, it feels like the events of a month have taken place this week… where to begin….

1. GENA WAS BAPTIZED! – Gena is so wonderful, really, I have never met anyone so repentant and willing and devoted to changing her life for the better. She has such a beautiful testimony, and just everything that she has shared with me from her life seems to have been building her up in her faith to receive the message of the restoration, and seems to have been leading her to our church. On the day of her baptism, we were waiting out at this bus stop to meet her, she lives 30 minutes out, and as missionaries tend to be pre-baptism we were like nervous little bees, but she came and just was absolutely glowing. She was just so excited and ready to enter the waters of baptism. After she came up out of the water, she was just smiling and giggly and told us that she totally thought that she was going to die in the water, she said she hadn’t wanted to tell us but she actually had a huge fear of water and was positive she was going to die. But said when she walked down into the water, she wasn’t afraid, only happy. She had enough faith to go down into the waters of baptism because she was that set on following the example of her savior even though she thought she was going to die! I am telling you, she is a women of great faith, and I love her so much!
2. Something really interesting that we do now when we do our nightly planning: (instructions from president)
1 Pray on your knees and ask for the spirit to guide you
2 Each one read a scripture out of the Book of Mormon
3 One of you shares a 2 to 3-minute testimony how he had recognized the enabling power of the atonement in the work today
4 Give account to the Lord of what you have achieved during the day
5 Pray for next day goals, write them down and discuss how you want to achieve it and write it down in your daily planer
6 Pray on your knees for confirmation
7 Listen to the receive the desired confirmation
8 Make changes if necessary
9 Pray again for confirmation and listen
10 Enjoy the Spirit
This has absolutely changed how we do our nightly planning. It definitely takes a lot more time, but It also invites the spirit far more than we had it before, and it really involves the lord a lot more in His work. I’ve seen an amazing difference in our plans as we have tried applying this, and I know it was inspired. 
Another crazy amazing mission changing policy has also been implemented, From now on Sisters are only allowed to teach females, and Elders are only allowed to teach males. This changed the work for A LOT of Elders. They had to turn their female investigators over to the sisters, and though many are a bit flabbergasted we know  it is revelation, and we know that this is going to drastically increase priesthood numbers here. We didn’t gain any investigators out of this new policy, didn’t lose any.. we only teach women here… but I know that President Weidmann is so inspired, and I can’t wait to see how these new policies and Ideas play out. 
3. Fiqeret, Rozalindas mama, passed her interview! I’ve been working with her for 3 months, and she is finally ready! 🙂 
4. We started choir practice for Christmas already! Let me tell you, it is a lot of fun singing translated christmas songs with a whole room of loud albanians. I absolutely have a smile on my face at all times! 
5. My companion is hilarious. That is all there is to it. 
And all you really need to know is that miracles continue to happen out here. Even if something unexpected comes up, have faith, it will ALWAYS work out with the Lords time. Come what may. Just have the faith. 
I love you all so much! 
Love, Motra Kollmen 
ooh and today for pday we went up to Kishe Loc, which is somewhere that people go to pray at this litle church on a mountain to pray for miracles. Pretty cool. It was a fun Fregon (van) ride up the mountain. Travel here in albania is very fantastic. You go to these big parking lots where TONS of vans are parked with signs in the windows saying where they are going, and you just all chip in money and it is wonderful. Essentially carpooling. 🙂 I love Albania. 
PIc of me and my awesome canadian comp. 

today for pday we went to this cool church called kishe loc (loch) where supposedly many people go every sunday to pray for miracles and believe they will be healed. its on the mountain and is a very beautiful place!

today for pday we went to this cool church called kishe loc (loch) where supposedly many people go every sunday to pray for miracles and believe they will be healed. its on the mountain and is a very beautiful place!

_MG_4823 CIMG5318

baptism pics with cutest gena!

baptism pics with cutest gena!


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