Fiqeret was baptized!!

Alright, let me tell you a tale of this wonderful girl named Rozalinda. (my golden girl) She was baptized about three months ago now! She was my first baptism. And in every essence of the the title golden investigator, she was it. She is so solid. So spiritual. And since her baptism, we have been working with her mama Fiqeret. And after months, this last Friday she entered the waters of baptism and was later confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! It was such a special day. I felt incredibly proud and loving and warm at Rozas baptism three months ago, there are just some people that you have this undeniable connection to, Roza is one of the people I know with all my soul I knew in heaven. But I was so uncontainably happy this past weekend, so proud, when Rozalinda was able to give a lovely and powerful talk about the Gift of the Holy Ghost at her mothers baptism.

I felt like such a proud parent or something while she was at the pulpit, I don’t even know how to put into words how much I love her. I seriously can’t describe how much I love her, she feels like my kid. But just seeing the spiritual progression that she has made, and what an amazing example she has been to her mother has been absolutely inspiring. It just warms my heart that they read and pray together every night before curling up in bed. It brings a smile to my face thinking about them making personal commitments to go to the temple together as soon as possible. It is in things like these, little triumphs and big that I know this work is the most important on earth. We aren’t just baptizing and effecting individuals, though that is great, but we are helping build eternal families, helping them grow closer to the Lord together. We are helping them get on the path that will lead to the happiness of their eternal family. I am so honored, so very very humbled to be a part of building families. I love that I am still in this area, that I can see the progression, the spiritual growth of my recent converts, to see the effect that they are now having on their friends and family, I am so very proud of them. Again, I feel like my heart is going to explode when I talk about them.
I know I talk about this a bit each week, but each week I feel like I develop and even greater love for the people and I ask myself how is it even possible? How can I possibly be blessed enough to be here, because in all truthfulness I feel like I am spiritually growing a months worth in a day. Not even lying. Some days feel soooooo long, just packed full of learning and growing experiences. And I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that I am here sometimes. But I am so very grateful that I am, I would definitely be a very different person had I not chose to come on a mission. not a bad person, but just not the same. And it is so humbling to see the hand of the Lord in my life, and especially the lives of my investigators and those we work with. I love it. And I know that this love that I feel for these people is only a small portion of what their Father in Heaven feels for them, how amazing is that?! And that means that I could love them even more!
As far as other things go, over here it is finally cooling down! it is officially that lovely crisp fall weather! ooh something interesting is that the government is tearing down all illegally built buildings, and that contains the majority of the street we live on…. so it might look like our neighborhood got bombed… but we are good and safe, have no fear! I also hiked a beautiful mountain today, brought back the adventure day memories, except today I was hiking through ancient olive trees… so that was amazing!
I wish you could all experience this, it is like nothing else. Don’t think it isn’t hard. It is the hardest thing I have ever done, But the fruits are oh so rewarding. I love this!
I love you all so much and hope you are doing well! This week, I have made a goal of saying more prayers of gratefulness for what Heavenly Father has blessed me with, trials and blessings alike, I hope you all will to!!
love, Motra Kollmen

baptism photos! fiqeret and roza

baptism photos! fiqeret and roza


fiqeret was baptized by the bishop so that is a pic of him and them and his wife and kid :)

fiqeret was baptized by the bishop so that is a pic of him and them and his wife and kid 🙂

Climbing mountains:) and some cool houses in the mountains. chickens, goats you name it. love this place

Climbing mountains:) and some cool houses in the mountains. chickens, goats you name it. love this place

DSC04376 DSC04356


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