The Miracle of Hope

What a week. Not gonna lie, we were met with a lot of opposition this week. Mainly from poor sister Vermunt’s body. Keep praying for her ok? Thanks. 🙂

So this week, was a week. Me and Motra Vermunt have really been learning patience and accepting the will of God. Not that it was a horrendous week. But there are some medical issues of sister Vermunts that we are trying to figure out, and she is such a hard working missionary, so it has been hard for her to accept that she needs to rest… we have worked SO hard together, so it has been a little jolting to have to go from extreme mode, to rest mode. From 23 member present lessons to only 5. But it is so interesting. Because when we would go out to lessons, they would prish (break or fall through), and we think it is the Lord putting His fist down and saying REST. Because let me tell you, she reaallllyyyyy needs it.
 We both like working. A LOT. So it has been a week of humbling ourselves to recognize that sometimes, for the greater good, and a larger perspective, you need to take the rest. I can’t imagine how she is feeling. I know that she has the MUCH harder end of things, and I know she feels guilty. But I don’t blame her, and I love her and pray she will get better soon!
It is interesting going from a ridiculous amount of lessons to a lesser amount. At first, you do kind of feel like you failed. But as with every other aspect of life, sometimes we are at such a high point, we are flying! And, in order to push us farther, to take us to a higher arena, we must be challenged, we must be pushed down a bit, we must struggle for a bit, then, if we are still working with all our might, if we keep our faith and our hope, we find our traction again, and accomplish things we never thought possible before. I know this time is the bit of a struggling time, but I know that as we get this medical mystery figured out, as we rely on our faith, if we stay diligent and watchful and PRAYERFUL, I know that miracles will occur. Miracles unseen thus far in the glorious land of Tirane Third ward!!
How wonderful that we have this gospel. How absolutely wonderful that at the end of a difficult week, we can look to the one upcoming, and have the hope that it will be better. And then we can carry that hope into the week, and make it a better one! I absolutely love this life! The fact that no matter what comes our way, if we stick to our course, if we involve our Father in Heaven, if we live the gospel, all will pass well. (Cdo gje do kalloj mire- this is a common saying here= everything will pass well 🙂 ) I have confidence in this. I know God looks out for each of His children. I know He wants us to grow, so He gives us trials, He gives us weaknesses so we can overcome them. And we are not without His divine Help. He is in every aspect of this work, in every aspect of our lives. What a wonderful God.
I love you all dearly, and I pray that you will all have hope! This life is wonderful, there are so many things to do, to accomplish; tomorrow, next week, has the potential to be wonderful. Go make it wonderful, ok?
Love, Motra Kollmen

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