Let it snow let it snow let in snow….. NOT.

I cannot believe it is the first of December right now! Too crazy. This last week for our thanksgiving celebration, got together with ALL the missionaries and had a feast and a talent show and a dessert contest. Good news, we got second place! Too bad we didn’t win first, or we could have had dinner at President’s house with him and his cutest wife! Blast! That’s ok we won a can of caramel sauce… not quite sure what we are gonna make with it but it is going to be fantastic.

What to talk about… it has been a good week, but also a harder week. This week we had a couple of our solid investigators go out of town, because this weekend was the Albanian independence day/weekend. people like to be out of town, or tons of people from villages and towns come into tirana to party and drink.. yup. So we were a little worried with some people being out of town… but they called us up today, and are doing good. It is so interesting though. I get so worried about our investigators when we don’t hear from them for a couple days. so when they go out of town for a week… well it’s needless to say I was very nervous.
It is so interesting. I don’t think they understand how much we worry about them. About their progress. about knowing how they are doing. Every moment that they aren’t with us, I am a little worried. I love them so much, so that when we don’t have constant contact… well, I just don’t like it. For the past month or so, we have started scripture texts to our investigators, RC’s and returning members each night, and to some of the members… actually a lot of the members. Just scripture texts with words of encouragement. And I cannot tell you the success that these are having. Everyone LOVES them. And small and simple miracles are coming to pass. It is building and strengthening relationships that we have with our members, and it is really helping with our retaining. And it is a daily reminder to our investigators of this new and wonderful world that they have entered into. Reminding them to read and pray. I love it.
Also something that we are doing now, with it being the beautiful month of December, the church is doing a world wide initiative called He is the Gift. Here is the wonderful video: http://www.mormon.org/christmas?cid=HPFR112814529
You all need to watch it. Talking about what the true meaning of Christmas is. We will be using this as a good and effective way of talking about the true meaning of Christmas and inviting people to learn more about their savior. I love it. Each day we are supposed to talk or invite 10 or more people to learn more about it and teach them a bit of it. Wonderful. Good things are going to happen because of this. I am excited about the festive Christmas season. Even though Albania is a mostly Muslim country, they have started putting up the lights and decking the halls.. a different kind of spirit is starting to enter Albania, and I know that this is the time where peoples hearts will be even more open… And I know that showing this video and talking about the true meaning of Christmas with people is going to yield miracles here. I am excited to say the least.
This month is exciting. Hopefully have a couple baptisms in the upcoming weeks. Pray for my investigators would ya pretty please? Thanks.
I love you all so much! I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! So many things to be grateful for in this life. I am so grateful for everything I have. Every joyful experience, and every hardship.
Love you all to the moon and back!
-Motra Kollmen

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