This week, I have changed a lot. I have been re-buckling down, setting new goals, thinking about what I want to do. How I want to change, and what I need to do to do so. And I have had some of the most spiritual lessons on my mission this week. But I would just like to share a quote that our wonderful mission president sent us over text one of these last days that absolutely changed my thinking and inspired me:

“To reach a goal you have never before attained, you must do things you have never before done.”- Richard G. Scott
Our president sent us this text the day that we also had zone training, and it was one of the best zone training yet. In which our wonderful zone leaders shared another wonderful quote with us:
“[Luke]: I can’t believe it. [Master Yoda]: That is why you fail.”
The first quote hasn’t left my mind since our fantastic mission president sent that text. And coupled with our zone training in which we talked about TALKING WITH EVERYONE, it has been changing me.
I have experienced serious miracles on my mission. My testimony has grown more than I thought humanely possible in such a short amount of time… but still the Lord has more in store for these people. For this area. I have been in my current area for nearly 7 months. That is FOREVER. And I have seen the growth of the investigators the members, and yet I know that the Lord has far more blessings in store for this area. He has people prepared, waiting for us. But we have to find them. And how are we going to do that? By talking to everyone that we possible can.
There is a talk by Elder Callister called the Consecrated missionary, and it is fantastic, it talks about this, consecrating ourselves by talking to everyone. By laying our fears upon the sacrificial alter, and proclaiming this gospel as with the voice of a trump. Because that is what the Lord calls us to do, that is what He needs us to do. In that talk, all of it is absolutely amazing. But there is a quote that says: ” if you want to baptize a few people, talk to a few people. If you want to baptize a lot of people, talk to a lot of people. But, if you want to baptize everyone you can, talk to everyone you can.” I have been recommended this talk before, it has influenced the entirely of my mission experience, however with that fresh in my mind, coupled by the quote shared by my mission president, it has taken on a new and even more personal side for me. Maybe because now I am the senior companion. I am training. My companions language is MTC status, so I am the talker. And maybe this is why this more force for me now. Because I am leading. And I want to set the best example possible for my sweet new companion. And the best way I can do that is by talking to everyone. By always opening my mouth and inviting. That is the best way she is going to learn. And miracles are going to happen.
Now, every time I am in the street walking to and from appointments, this quote will pop into my mind, and I will immediately stop and talk to someone. I can’t not. The Spirit tells me to stop. And I will follow it. Because when I do stop, I can tell an immediate difference. And after heeding the prompting of the Spirit, I am far more perceptible to its influence and voice after. I become more apt to listen, and then to heed it’s prompt. And each time I open my mouth, I become more confident, more excited to share the gospel, and I have a greater portion of the Spirit with me.
I know that miracles are possible. I know that the Lord is just waiting for us to make the miracles happen. To just open our mouths to more people. I believe that it is possible, and that is why they will happen. Like with the quote the Zone Leaders shared with us, we have to believe miracles will happen, if we don’t have that faith we will surely fail. I have faith miracles will happen, even more than before. We will take this area to a higher arena; we have the faith to do so, and we will work with the spirit to make it happen by proclaiming the gospel and inviting all within our power to come unto their Savior.
– Love, Motra Kollmen

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