Fishers of Men

“To Simon and Andrew Jesus said: “Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” The contrast thus presented between their former vocation and their new calling is strikingly forceful. Theretofore they had caught fish, and the fate of the fish was death; thereafter they were to draw men- to life eternal. 

Notes:”Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men,” said Jesus to fishermen who afterward became His apostles (Matt 4:19). “From henceforth thou shalt catch men.”(Luke 5:10). This reading emphasizes the contrast given in the text- that between capturing fish to kill them and winning men to save them. Consider in this connection the Lord’s prediction through Jeremiah (16:16), that in reaching scattered Israel, “Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them“..” (Jesus the Christ Chapter 14)

This week I have been really digging into my Jesus the Christ reading and just pouring and pondering over the New Testament. And this week I have really loved the section that I have included above about becoming fishers of men. It is kind of a weird thing to think about, fishers of men. What even is a Fisher of Men? Who are these fishers of men?
A Fisher of men is someone who strikes out to invite their brethren to become partakers of the word of God and of Life eternal.
Missionaries are the Fishers of Men.
We leave home early each morning, strike off from shore if you will, to throw our nets into the water the moment we leave our houses. From the moment we cross the threshold of our home, we should have our line in the water, until the moment we return. We are the Lords fishermen. However, like Simon and Andrew, our purpose holds more glory and more reward to those souls who we find and invite while having our lines in the water, the reward is far greater than the destiny of mere fish. Which like stated above have the fate of death. The reward we offer is Life Eternal. The chance to walk and talk with God again, to live with their family forever.
Sometimes like the work of a fisherman (I would imagine), the days are long for missionaries, sometimes they can be tough! But what we are teaching people makes it all worth it, and when someone comes unto their Father in Heaven and makes a covenant, or promise with Him, that moment is incomparable.
We are the Fishers of Men in this area of the Lords vineyard. This week one of the Lords beloved Children made a promise with Him, and I know without a doubt in my mind that He is proud of her. This week Florinda Dado (10yrs old) was baptized! Never have I seen someone with such a love for their savior, and a sincere desire to follow His example. Florinda has taught me so much about that simple yet completely motivational childlike faith. And I am so grateful to have been able to teach her about her Savior, someone who loves her more than anyone, and understands her beyond anyone else in the world.
There are miracles all around. We have two other younger investigators who received powerful, specific confirmations that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that Joseph Smith was in fact a prophet. Such strong spiritual experiences so young in life, and I can’t help but be in awe of these young girls incredible faith and love of the Savior. It is things like this, among many others, that make me extremely humbled and grateful to be a fisher of men (women 😉 ) in this area of the world.
I pray that you are all well, and that you can exercise such childlike and simple faith this week!
Love you all to the Moon and Back!
~ Motra Kollmen
Sorry if this email is a bit scattered, these are just my random thoughts today 🙂
Florinda Dado!

Florinda Dado!

Florinda Dado!

Florinda Dado!

photo 4

at the square

at the square


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