llagjen e trete, nje vend mrekullish.

List times!

– First off, Ona got baptized! This woman has been through a lot, and it has been an absolute honor to work with her, to see her faith grow and to see how much she loves her savior is absolutely humbling.
– Today we went to Kruja! It was absolutely fantastic. Climbing up castles and into caves… I thought I almost saw Gollem… don’t worry it wasn’t him.
– we had half way training this week with all the trainers and trainees! It was fantastic. We did some roleplays, and really talked about companionship unity. IT IS KEY! We must be one with the spirit. President started the training asking us who we would want to be out companion if we could choose… and all of us responded with the Spirit. And he responded that was good, but if we could choose, ANYONE, who would we choose? He then went on to explain that yes, if we have the spirit with us, if we seek to invite the spirit with us at all times, then we will have the Lord with us. And I know that I can’t imagine any companion better. The Lord. And when we have the Spirit with us, knowing that God the Father, Christ, and the Spirit are of the same Godhead, and of the same purpose, if we have the Spirit we have the Lord with us. Guiding us. How amazing is that? So how can we have the Spirit/The Lord working with us always? We must invite Him. We must pray CONSTANTLY for his guidance and help, because without it… we honestly will have no success. I know that for a fact.
– We baked a lot of cookies with the YW and investigators for Valentines day, enjoy the photo of me below 🙂
– Found lots of prepared souls this week. yay street contacting! The weather has been a lot nicer this week, so we have been able to get out a lot more!
– Fuller is hilarious. That is all.
Miracles are abundant. We are incredibly blessed, and I am grateful for everday that I have here! Love you all to the moon and back!
Love, Motra Kollmen
CIMG5969 photo 6 photo 9 photo 5 photo 11 photo 8 photo 4 photo 7 photo 12 photo 3 photo 10

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