The Physician of Souls

Hello there loved ones!

I apologize for my increasingly shorter and shorter emails… I am not quite sure where the time goes! Well I do know where it went today…. we went out to Lac with our recent convert ona to go and meet her parents, so this is out in an village about an hour out of Tirana… and she owns some good land out there and we went out and met her cute parents and they made us a TON of food! I haven’t been made to eat that much food for quite some time…. it took about 3 hours to consume it…. so needless to say by the time we were done and waddled back to the freeway to hail ourselves a van back to Tirana… and then we kind of lost an elder in a bus stop…. don’t worry we found him again…. and now we are here! It has definitely been a day of adventuring and oh so much albanian food! I will never eat again…. well…. at least not until our next dinner appointment tonight….. SOS! Have no fear everyone, our metabolisms are doing alright, we start our day with insanity with Shaun T. or with good old Tony on P90x so it is all alright… have no fear.
This week has been filled of amazing things. Lots of Young women, lots of activities. Lots of handing out of flyers. Lots of inviting to baptism. Lots of walking. Lots of miracles. We have some absolute goldens preparing for baptism. Ooh one fun one, last week we got a referral from the elders, and we totally met up with her and she is amazing and actually reminds me of one of my Recent Converts Gena… but anyway, the funny thing of how she was found… she was street contacted using the Law of Chastity pamphlet. Interesting right? So that was interesting!
I just wanted to talk about this wonderful Recent convert of ours. She is fantastic. And boy has she passed through dark times. I can’t even begin to describe or imagine the hardships. But through all of it… Christ has been there for her. And as she has been learning with us, there has been a visible difference in her. She is healing. In the way only her Savior can help her. And it is truly humbling and wonderful to see, how the Lord can heal any wound, if we let Him in. He truly is the Physician of Souls and it is so very beautiful to see. I know that He has been that for me. He has helped me in every hardship, in every moment of stress of difficulty. He is there. Before, during and after, to help us heal. To help me become better. And I am so very grateful for Him, for Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer.
I love you all so much!
Love, Motra Kollmen
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