The Will of God.

So this week I have been learning a lot about the Will of God.

We are inviting and talking to more people than ever! And it feels so good. It feels so fulfilling walking up a street, and stopping literally everyone you possibly can! And just inviting everyone to be baptized. Right now we have about 12 solid baptism dates… the majority of which will happen after my time here in third ward. We only have 2 weeks left of the transfer. and I am definitely going to leave (I have been in this area for 9 months… I love it though)… and it makes me sad that I won’t be here in third ward to see all of these extremely prepared souls enter the waters of baptism. Part of me has been dragging a few of them to earlier dates just so I can be there, but through a series of events this week, I have learned that that is not His will.
With a specific investigator that we have, she is just so prepared. And so ready for baptism. however when we brought up the fact that her baptism was this upcoming week, she showed some reservations… not in a bad way, just her wanting a bit more time. And as a missionary, this kind of thing always stresses you out! After some back and forth, it was apparent that she just does need a little bit more time. What was necessary was for me to sit back and think about what was best for her. Not best for Motra Kollmen. So I was humbled this week. There is no doubt in my mind that this woman will get baptized. But the timing will be gods, not mine. All I can do is be the most diligent servant of the Lord that I can be, teach to the best that I possibly can, relying heavily on the Spirit, leave the ball in her court so to speak, and then at that point, it is between her and God. And His Will be done, not mine.
I have a favorite mormon message for this kind of thing actually which I have included below. It always reminds me of how in my own life, especially as a missionary, I seem to be flying and I get cut down a bit, or a lot…. however it is through these cutting downs that we really come to find out our own potential and we refine ourselves. I am grateful for opportunities to be cut down. In the moment, I wont lie, they stink! But, I am positive that they are for our good. And it has been an important reminder for me this week, that I am not perfect. I’ve never thought that, but sometimes you definitely think, ” hey, we are doing so good! Bring on anything Satan!”…. ya, and then the trials and mountains come! But as we work with God, striving always to understand His will, that is when we grow into what God needs and wants us to become. And as we align our will with His, miracles occur. Always.
As far as other things this week….
– So remember when I was on Albanian television for the He is the GIft initiative? Well,  now I have been chosen as the sister representative for public relations for our three countries, meaning I got trained by some wonderful Germans to prepare for television interviews and what not. So that was a surprise.
– Today was the best of Pdays. Started with some wonderful shopping for a very cute skirt #sistermissionarylife, and then we went climbing for Elder Penrods birthday, and ordered in some amazing pizza to the climbing gym and we set up a slack line! (ps. the rock climbing gym has been approved by president.) Good times.
-This week we will have sisters conference! Crazy!
– So many lessons, so many new investigators, so many miracles.
-Enjoy these pics!
Love you all so much! Please watch this video and love it.
From yours truly, Motra Kollmen
IMG_1190 IMG_1141 IMG_1097 IMG_1195

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