Beko was baptized! And Kollmen is Elbasan bound!

Ok my wonderful people I HAVE SO MUCH NEWS FOR YOU:

Ok first off, we got our transfer calls a couple nights ago, on saturday, and it was a bit surprising…. but My call feels so right and so …. ahhhh! I am really excited. So I have been called to Elbasan, and I will be whitewashing the area, as well as training again! oh wait… I also am the sister training leader, meaning I get a car and get to travel all over albania to help out the other sisters! WHATTTTT so many things, and I would say the thing i am most nervous about is the getting a car… because Albanians are the CRAZIEST drivers in the world. Even worse than those from Idaho. I kid you not. 😉
But, THIS WEEK WE HAVE SEEN MIRACLES. Beyond any miracles I have seen before. Yesterday, Bekim (Beko) Gosturani, as in Trazhgim and Ilirajana and Aferditas, brother got baptized! But the miracle is that a week ago today, this baptism wouldn’t have happened… so let me tell this tale shall I ? :
So We have been teaching the Gosturanis for a long time, I taught and helped Aferdita get baptized back in September, and since then we have been teaching her siblings… one of those siblings being Beko. And he in the last 3 weeks has just been soaring! His reading is so solid, and he just has this light in his eyes. And this last week a miracle occurred. so last Sunday… we had a powerful lesson about the priesthood… and at that point we thought, ok baptism is close, but not this week close.. but this thursday I received a call from our zone leaders wanting to talk about our baptismal dates, because we invite everyone first lesson to get baptized. unless the spirit directs otherwise. so we have a ton of people on dates.. a lot of them are super solid, but for crazy reasons couldn’t end up getting baptized this end of the transfer. next transfer yes. So we were really encouraged to pray hard about our daters and then ACT, and be BOLD. So that is what we did. Never have I prayed so hard. Never have I plead with my Father in Heaven so hard for His direction.. To understand His will of what He needed Me, Motra Kollmen to do. Never have I prayed so long. But never have I received such distinct direction and comfort and a desire to be bold before. I was specifically and strongly prompted to ask Beko to be baptized. on the coming Sunday (as in yesterday). Initially I thought this impression was a little crazy… I tried to figure out what else it was God wanted me to do, to say… but He wouldn’t let me stop thinking about it. With impressions like that, it is impossible for me not to heed them. And the Spirit confirmed it to me when we got into our next lesson on Friday with them… Wherein we watched the Videos Per Shkak te Tij, and Ai Jeton… which are Easter videos and initiatives that are super big right now. It brought the Spirit so strong, and we asked the family how they felt about their Savior.. and after an extremely impressive and sincere answer from Beko I invited Him to follow the example of His Savior by being baptized by his brother Trazhgim ( who is on a mission in Durres) that Sunday… He was initially a little shocked.. I would be too! But He thought for a second, and he accepted. After that “Po” left his lips, it’s all been a little bit of a blur, trying to throw everything together… It has been one of the most tiring, but one of the most happy weekends of my entire life.
From this experience of just listening to the spirit, when it directs to be bold, I have learned so much. I know the Lord always knows better. He knows exactly what we need to do and say. And in those moments when we are DESPERATE to know His will, when we humble ourselves before Him and cry out with a desire to know the path to take, He will show it. Sometimes they might seem crazy… but from this weekend my testimony of being bold has been strengthened tenfold. Beko’s beautiful baptism wouldn’t have happened this weekend if it hadn’t been for us heeding the promptings of the Spirit. And I will be eternally grateful for the fact that we heeded the Lords call to action.
I am grateful to be a missionary. There is in all seriousness nothing better I could be doing in the whole entire world. I testify that I know that I knew these people, especially the Gosturani family, in the pre-existence. I feel it with all my soul. They are my family here in albania.. and I am so eternally humbled to have passed so many beautiful months with them. They have the light. All the people that I have met here do. I thank God everyday for being here. Sometimes we think it might be a sacrifice being here, (Like sister Russel said at our mission sisters conf.), but being here and learning so much, it isn’t a sacrifice at all. I feel like I receive far more than I have “sacrificed”. I love these people and I am so grateful to have 6 more months in which I can work my hardest to tell as many brothers and sisters of their loving heavenly father. I know He loves them. Because I have felt love for these people, and it is a massive love that hurts my heart, but I know that is only a fraction of what our Father in Heaven feels for us. I know that Christ lives. I know He is the way.
I love you all and wish you a happy week!
Love, Motra Kollmen
Watch the He Lives video 🙂
Other Funsies:
-Gave a talk at the baptism in which we also showed the He lives video..
– the baptism last night happened to be at the same time as the national Futbol team playing, meaning when we got out of the service the streets were packed with people in albania stuff shouting and being very supportive of the team.// might have been a bit stressful./// its all good, I am alive.
– Foller, as in my first baby here, is also training next transfer, SO I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMA, and have another KID (trainee) at the same time! WOOHOO! seriously so excited
-Went and climbed a castle today, and on the way we were passing cows, and sheeps, and donkeys… yes we posed on one 🙂 Enjoy that pic
 CIMG6261 IMG_1538 IMG_1542 CIMG6271 CIMG6259

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