“Jesus Marveled”

So this last weekend, we were finally able to watch all of conference, because it has finally been translated into Albanian! And it was so good. 🙂 I really liked all the ones about family especially. Because that is what all this is about ya know? 🙂

So this week I felt like I have seriously been spiritually fed! And still I want more! haha This week was general conference, as well as MLC, and then I was invited to do a training in a different zone than our own about the importance of attitude in missionary work. I was really grateful to be able to talk about this subject because, and anyone who has worked with me here or knows me, ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. So I was very grateful to do a little 45 minute ish training on that and about the concept of working miracles. I really capitalized on the authority and importance of our calling as missionaries. We are called of the Lord, and just like the great missionaries of old, we have the same power and capacity to work miracles in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. How amazing is that! However the difference between us, and those incredible missionaries of old is…. our faith, like President Weidmann said in MLC. Therefore we must strengthen our Faith in our Lord. Do we believe that He can do anything? If the answer is yes, then why don’t we show more of that faith and belief in our actions and boldness on the streets? If we really do believe in this message, we will believe that He truly will fill our mouths if we open them, inspire our comments so that we might not be confounded before men. We need more faith. Faith leads to boldness. We learn in James that Faith without works is dead. WE MUST BE BOLD. ALWAYS. And as we show forth our faith through actions, we will constantly be climbing in boldness and success. We have the capacity to be like the greats… We have to do what might be hard today so that tomorrow will be better… we have to keep pushing!
One of my favorite quotes, for the past couple years has been : “Words without action are the assassins of Idealism.” -Herbert Hoover.
And this quote has had so much application on my mission. If an area is struggling… make it better. Work hard. And rely on the Lord. And Miracles follow.
But we first have to believe that we have that capacity to make a change and make a difference no matter how difficult the area, no matter how difficult the situation. As we adopt the attitude that whatever we are faced with we can overcome, that is when we transcend missionaries or people merely being on a mission…. and we really serve a mission and accomplish what the Lord needs us to. And that is when we grow and change, and take the next step towards fulfilling our divine potential and calling.
(well there is a snipit from my training kind of, haha I don’t know if you can tell but I am pretty passionate about being a missionary!)
Side note also.. I have been studying in Jesus the Christ today about chapter 18.. and a section is talking about the fact that “Jesus Marveled” at the faith shown by the centurion, who begged that his beloved servant be healed (mathew 8:10, luke 7:9) ” The meaning of the passage is evident in the sense that when the fact of the centurions faith was brought to his attention, he pondered over it and contemplated it, probably as a refreshing contrast to the absence  of faith He so generally encountered.” Christ marveled at this mans faith. I want to have that same faith that when I finally meet my Lord and Savior again, I want Him to marvel at the trust I have in Him. My Faith that with Him all things are possible. I want to have that faith to move mountains. So i am working on developing that faith. I am coming to know my Savior each day I am here, learning How he walked.. and How I might follow Him.
Me shume Dashuri, Motra Kollmen
-pday was spent at the markets here on the streets. Beautiful fruit and cheese and all kinds of things markets! and eating lunch in the castle 🙂
oh GERTA GOT BAPTIZED! Taught her when I was in my last area for a couple months. and president weidmann baptized her this weekend 🙂 love her.
and we got more baptisms coming in the next couple weeks!

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