“Spiritual light is shown to be greater than any product of physical illuminants”

“The Greatest achievement mankind can make in this world is to familiarize themselves with divine truth, so thoroughly, so perfectly, that the example or conduct of no creature living in the world can ever turn them away from the knowledge that they have obtained.” -President Joseph F. Smith

This week has been miraculous. I was just flipping through my spiritual journal, looking at quotes today.. and this one really stuck with me this morning so I thought I would share it. It sticks out to me, because I want that faith and knowledge that nothing in this world, no matter how enticing or deceitful or tactful it appears, could make me falter from the truths and knowledge that I have already gained. I feel so blessed as a missionary to have a dedicated hour to personally study the doctrine of Christ, to feast upon the scriptures and really come to know my Savior. Through this study, I feel like I have come to know who my savior is far more than I knew Him a year ago…(I’ve been set apart as a full time missionary for a whole year this week…where in the world did the time go?!) I still have so much to learn, but in this year I have been humbled learning who He was and Is.
Through studying the word, the light within us grows… for me whenever my hour of personal study is over… I don’t want to stop! There is a fire within me, a desire to know more… and I know that when we have this desire, when we are coming closer and closer to our savior we then desire to show forth what we learn in our actions, aligning our will with the Fathers.
“Spiritual light is shown to be greater than any product of physical illuminants. What does the brightest light avail the man who is blind? It is the bodily eye that discerns the light of the candle, the lamp, or the sun. and the spiritual eye sees by spiritual light; if then man’s spiritual eye be single, that is, pure and undimmed by sin, he is filled with the light that shall show him the way to God; whereas if his soul’s eye be evil, he will be as one full of darkness..” (Jesus the Christ ch.17, treasures of earth and of heaven)
I know that when we have our eye, our spiritual eye, single to the glory of god… that is when we understand that God is a God of miracles. One who desires miracles to occur in the lives of His children. Then we naturally will work to propel those miracles… God has an impressive plan for each of His children.. and I am so humbled to be a missionary… It is so special to see the light in the eyes of others grow… it is a visible light. When I look with my spiritual eyes in lessons, and take in the beautiful soul before me who has so much worth in the eyes of God… that is when the most powerful teaching happens. When the spirit is invited… and the recognition of truth and glory comes into their eyes… and that light, that beacon of divine truth and recognition grows stronger and stronger.
As we are constantly nurturing that light… aligning our will with that of the father… that is when true joy is found… when the father and the child become one in purpose and understanding. We are all far from this… but daily we can make the steps to come closer unto Him… and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am helping convert others, but more importantly I am becoming converted. So converted that nothing could rip me away from the knowledge that I have gained. The gospel is good, and it is true, and I will follow it until the very end of my life and into eternity.
 As far as other things go here… elbasan is definitely the place to be! When we walk down the boulevard, the castle to my left and palm trees lining the road, I feel like I am in Shrek and in “far far away” and then the shrek song starts playing in my head. So, needless to say this is a great city 🙂 And miracles are happening. We are finding TONS of prepared people, and working with many people to prepare them to enter the waters of baptism 🙂 this week we have a cutie investigator getting baptized! Her name is Greis and in the last two weeks she has grown faster and farther than I have ever seen someone grow closer to their Savior. #YWbuilding
Me dashuri, Motra Kollmen
CIMG6363 CIMG6366

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