Free Forever to Act for Themselves

Well skyping for mothers day yesterday was awesome! And I am not quite sure what else to say… except, family guess what, I forgot to tell you that I like eating beets now. Yup.” Bears, beets, battle star galactica.” I was really excited to tell you yesterday, knowing you would be proud, but I forgot. 🙂

Well I was just talking to you for a long time… I can’t believe that that was the last time that we will skype or talk really before I see your faces at the end of September! Where does the time go?!
But this morning in my personal study I was reading an article about moral relativism.. and I think it is absolutely fascinating. One of my favorite talks by Elder Christofferson is called Free Forever to Act for Themselves and here are just some of my favorite pieces:
“Misunderstanding God’s justice and mercy is one thing; denying God’s existence or supremacy is another, but either will result in our achieving less—sometimes far less—than our full, divine potential. A God who makes no demands is the functional equivalent of a God who does not exist. A world without God, the living God who establishes moral laws to govern and perfect His children, is also a world without ultimate truth or justice. It is a world where moral relativism reigns supreme.”
 If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading this talk before I would highly suggest it. He is so right, talking about how there are so many people in the world today who are their own highest and most right opinion… and to me that doesn’t make sense. We learn in the scriptures and throughout world history that people change.. and that a lot of people are susceptible to change very quickly and for the worst… But God is constant. He has always had commandments for us to follow and he always will. We must be obedient to those standards that He, an all powerful and all knowing being, has set for us… for our good. It is only through obedience that we will inherit eternal life and eternal happiness.

“Relativism means each person is his or her own highest authority. Of course, it is not just those who deny God that subscribe to this philosophy. Some who believe in God still believe that they themselves, individually, decide what is right and wrong. One young adult expressed it this way: “I don’t think I could say that Hinduism is wrong or Catholicism is wrong or being Episcopalian is wrong—I think it just depends on what you believe. … I don’t think that there’s a right and wrong.”21 Another, asked about the basis for his religious beliefs, replied, “Myself—it really comes down to that. I mean, how could there be authority to what you believe?”22

To those who believe anything or everything could be true, the declaration of objective, fixed, and universal truth feels like coercion—“I shouldn’t be forced to believe something is true that I don’t like.” But that does not change reality. Resenting the law of gravity won’t keep a person from falling if he steps off a cliff. The same is true for eternal law and justice. Freedom comes not from resisting it but from applying it. That is fundamental to God’s own power. If it were not for the reality of fixed and immutable truths, the gift of agency would be meaningless since we would never be able to foresee and intend the consequences of our actions. As Lehi expressed it: “If ye shall say there is no law, ye shall also say there is no sin. If ye shall say there is no sin, ye shall also say there is no righteousness. And if there be no righteousness there be no happiness. And if there be no righteousness nor happiness there be no punishment nor misery. And if these things are not there is no God. And if there is no God we are not, neither the earth; for there could have been no creation of things, neither to act nor to be acted upon; wherefore, all things must have vanished away.”23

This is just a small excerpt from this talk, and there are several others on the same topic and all of them fascinate me to no end. I know that God is real and I know that He is a God of order. We must humble ourselves and recognize that He knows better than us. Maybe sometimes we don’t like or don’t understand the need for a commandment that He and His disciples have set for us. But I testify that all of them are for our good. I know that He knows better than me. And I know that if we desire to be true disciples of Jesus Christ, true representatives of the light, we will be obedient and be examples to others. Even when being an example is difficult beyond belief. It is in that situation that we show our true faith and love for God.

I love you all dearly and hope you have a great week! Elbasan is doing fantastically! We are working with a lot of really fantastic and exciting people and there are miracles here. God’s hands are in every aspect of this work, and these people are prepared! Exciting things to come.

Love, Motra Kollmen

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