This was an absolutely marvelous week here in elbasan! Every week I think that I have reached as spiritual a high as I can get, but then each week as we strive to work just a little bit harder to give just a little bit more… each week I reach a new spiritual high and see the hand of the Lord even more in my life and in the work.

This week cutest xhoana lolja was baptized! She is 13 and just loves Jesus Christ with all of her heart. Every moment in lessons she always just has her hands on her chest because she just feels the spirit so strongly and her favorite phrase to say is ´-Kam Zoti ne zemer!`_ she basically says always that the lord is in her heart. She is a fantastic young woman that through the help of the book of mormon is learning to read, and this week she was baptized! I love her so much. Her baptism was one of the sweetest and she is being such a good example for her family, who just this last weekend committed to be baptized as well in several weeks. and unfortunately you will all have to wait to see photos, we have to track some down because the card we had those photos on was destroyed by a sketchy internet cafe computer virus just minutes ago… haha. yay albania! 🙂
This upcoming weekend, Marjeta who is 40 will be baptized and this woman is so prepared. She just loves Christ so much, she was orthodox before but recognized that she still needed more and that all the pieces weren’t there. Her interview went fantastic and we are just waiting for this Saturday for her to enter the waters of baptism! Then the week after a beautiful wonderful fantastic and so incredibly prepared family of three, Violeta, Ledina, and Sara will be baptized. These three have it rough, they lost their dad about a year ago and their two brothers are in the orphanage school because the mom cant afford to take care of all of them at once because she is out of work.. but the mom violeta last night when we were at her house just said that she has attended every church she could possibly attend trying to find spiritual strength and peace, and that she has only felt it with us and at our church. The spirit is so strong in their home, especially when we start our lessons with hymns… goosebumps up my body strong. I love the Spirit. We are working with a lot of incredibly prepared people, and I am so humbled and grateful to be working here in Elbasan. Sepse me te vertete eshte nje vend mrekullish.
So today for Pday we went to Pogradec which is a town about 2 hours away from here, and so we jumped into a big sketchy Fergon, or van, which is basically just organized hitch hiking , and we went there and the drive there was absolutely beautiful. Just seeing this beautiful land that the Lord has created, makes me so grateful to be alive and especially to be a missionary here in the adriatic south mission. This country will have a piece of my heart as long as I live and into eternity. I absolutely love being a missionary. Are some moments hard? OF COURSE. But because of those moments, because of the difficulty the sweet moments and the moments of joy are that much more intense. I have found a joy on my mission that I have never experienced before, nor can I put it completely into words. But here I am growing closer unto my savior each and everyday, coming to learn of Him and how I might make him proud and work with Him more closely.
I love you all dearly. I know this gospel is true with all my heart, I know that it is the ONLY way to TRUE happiness. All other happiness is only momentary. A knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and eternal families is what brings real purpose to life, and I feel honored and privileged to bring this knowledge to more of Gods children here in Albania.
Love, Motra Kollmen
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