No time.

Hello American family. I am so sorry that I am getting progressively worse at writing you all emails. But update on violeta who had the heart attack last week, she is a healthy kid now and she actually is now baptized with her two sweetest girls Lejdina and Sara. And let me tell you  that was definitely one of the sweetest baptisms I have ever witnessed. It was a bit of a rough road getting Violeta there she had lots of questions and fears, but through prayer all were answered and she gained such a confidence for herself. And when her girls entered the waters of baptism she was bawling, and the girls were crying too… this family was super prepared and it was an honor to work with them and help invite them to come closer unto their savior jesus christ. When they recieved the holy ghost after in church their testimonies were so sweet, and they were all just crying and the whole crowd was just crying. I was crying. The spirit was felt so strongly in that congregation, and that is what this is all about. Helping Gods children bring their lives into harmony with the will and standards of God so they can prepare themselves, repent, and become worthy to recieve the Holy Ghost and feel Gods guiding hand in their lives. I love being a missionary.

Hope you are all doing well, this work continues to be one of miracles and surprises.

Love, Motra Kollmen

pics of the wonderful girls who were baptized, and then there is ai i gjati elder rawlings. sorry the photos arent so awesome, it was a hectic day. also ps now we are teaching their deaf little brother and he will get baptized in a couple weeks , teaching with lots of signs, and pictures. interesting stufffff

IMG_1559 IMG_1546 IMG_1550


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