The last call…

This week has been a busy one! First off, Marsida and Indrit got baptized! And that was just one of the sweetest baptisms. With Marsida, we had to overcome a lot of trials, Satan tried really hard to keep her from making that covenant of baptism with her father in heaven, but she made it, and because it was such a process it was all the sweeter.

 Also I got the LAST TRANSFER CALL. I can’t believe it, but also our transfers are 3 months long… So…. I will be heading to Lushnje to open a sisters area, and I get to train again! Round three! I am really excited. Everytime I train I learn so much and am stretched so much, so I am looking forward to changing a lot this upcoming transfer!

Sorry that this week is super short, but Elbasan calls for one last gjiro. (walk about)
I have included a decent amount of photos, and those are worth a lot more words I hear so have fun looking at them.
Love, Motra Kollmen
IMG_1621 IMG_1615 IMG_1604 IMG_1617

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