“you can only see that which you have eyes to see”

Hello there America.

Instead of my saying a whole bunch of things this week to you, I thought I would just attach a link to a beautiful talk about charity by our beloved prophet.
Our zone has really been putting an emphasis on charity, and I have decided to incorporate it into my daily personal study from now on. Charity is the pure love of Christ. Which none of us really have… for none of us are perfect. I know that I am not perfect… but I know that as I study and come to know the perfect love that Christ had and has for each and everyone of us, then I can develop this most important Christlike attribute a bit more for myself. This is necessary for every single one of us because Charity is the base upon which we might build the rest of ourselves, our lives. If we do not anchor ourselves in charity, the development of the rest of the attributes of our Savior Jesus Christ are impossible to achieve and develop.
I know that I am not perfect, nor do I have that perfect, Christlike love of Christ completely figured out yet. But I do want you all to know how much I love you, and more importantly how much I love my Savior. I am and will always be eternally grateful for His sacrifice and love for me.
Love, Motra Kollmen

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