“Never the less they were to be fearless.”

Miracles up the wazoo! Sorry don’t have much time to email today, we had a pretty neat experience today… we decided to go to Berat, which is the city of a thousand windows that is absolutely picturesque and beautiful and we decided to go there with our district today, and as we were walking up the cobblestone streets to go to the top, we heard a voice of a British woman calling down to us asking if we were the Mormon sisters and brothers…. yes… why yes we are! And she invited us all in for a 2 hour chat basically about how much she loves the Mormons and their life story. She lives here, as of 3 weeks, with her Albanian husband with their four kids… and man is theirs quite the story, obviously there is not adequate time to tell this tale now, but she and her husband started as very well off lawyers in London…. decided they weren’t truly happy thought they were well off financially, and decided to make a 4 year trip around just giving back to the people and giving thanks to God…. They are the most faith filled people and God loving and fearing people that I have ever met on my mission and I know the Elders in that city are very excited to be working with them now. They said about 4 years ago they were thinking about being baptized and they were really good friends with a Mormon bishop in England and they said they needed to do their trip around, but that they are finishing the last couple months of their “mission” and that they want to help the church grow. They were amazing and when I get home remind me to tell you this story. because it has some beautiful pieces full of guitar songs… interesting prayers…. humanitarian work… bill gates… barak obama…. and Thomas S. Monson. They said that they had been praying these past couple days that the Mormons would be brought to them, because they know they are good people full of ethics and vision and goodness….. well they ordered, and God delivered us to their front door!

Miracles I say.
As for other things, we are working with other miraculous people, looking forward to more. Please pray for Lira, Lavdia, Anxhela and Haxhiu as they work towards baptism next week, and the week after. They rock and need all the prayers they can get.
Love you all lots, give the Lord all you got!
Zot ju bekofte.
Motra Kollmen
CIMG6845 CIMG6849 CIMG6841 CIMG6856 CIMG6858

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