“Coming down to the wire! Time to sprint!”

-Again, I stole the title from uncle nicks email. #ThanksNick

Many wonderful things happened this week, but I just thought that I would share one cool experience, or two from this week…

Yesterday at church, first off I had a talk, but anyways, in second hour in the combined class we were talking about a mildly trixy topic and there was a lot of raised voices… and one of the women who was in the class is the mom of two recent convert kids, and she herself has been previously baptized in another church when she was a teenager… and in the midst of other discussions at church the whole authority and baptism came up and she posed the question of whether or not her baptism was valid. The room went silent… *que motra kollmen, I was then able to explain to her that her baptism was a wonderful showing of her faith, and that at this time God had another way for her to show her faith, that baptism by authority restored through joseph smith was a showing of the lords faith and confidence in her to make the right decision and follow his command. I was then able to share some scriptures with her in the bible…. she sat contemplating looking at the picture of baptism that I handed her…. and as the previous conversations of the classroom resumed, about five minutes later…. she turns to me and asks if she heard right about there being a baptismal service this upcoming weekend… I said she had heard right…. she sat for another moment, then asked if she could be baptized on that day. – this woman may I add, has been coming to church nearly every week with her member sons for nearly 3 or 4 months and has refused baptism… and somehow, even in that stuffy and ridiculously hot room of loud albanians, the spirit was able to pierce her heart and propel her to change. I am so grateful for moments like that.
Also on our way back from the berat castle today, sitting on the fergon… or van as you might say, the fergon stops to let people on, basically hitch hikers on occasionally, and who hops on the bus, but a girl (blejona, the biologist) that I taught forever ago in tirana who I had a dream about like 2 days ago. Chance that today we decided to go to berat even though it is blazing hot? I think not. God is in everything. ย  Got this girls new number and we should be meeting up this week to get her back on track!
This is a good life. God is good. So very good to all of us. Oh man I love being a missionary. I think I will just stay forever… ๐Ÿ™‚
Love, Motra Kollmen
“I Believe in the gospel of work. There is no substitute under the heavens for productive labor, it is the process by which dreams become reality. It is the process by which idle visions become dynamic achievements. We are all inherently lazy. We would rather play than work. We would rather loaf than work. A little play and a a little loafing are good. But it is work that spells the difference in the life of a man or a woman. It is stretching our minds and utilizing the skills of our hands that lifts us from the stagnation of mediocrity.” – Gordon b. Hinkley
-Tefta is getting baptized this week! pray for her ๐Ÿ™‚
-This was the craziest week of them all! remind me to tell you in a couple weeks why ๐Ÿ™‚
– Visited berat caslte today
– me and sister E. are becoming expert curry chicken and balsamic glaze chicken experts. Yes this is the only transfer that I have bought meat and made it at home. #nottryingtobeaveggiebutthatishowithappened
CIMG6954 CIMG6940 CIMG6937 CIMG6927 CIMG6926

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