Put your face to the sun, shoulder to the wheel and just PUSH

Hey there provo.
This week was marvelous, the best thing being when TEFTA girl got baptized! She is absolutely wonderful and just such a decided woman who knows what she wants, and what the Lord needs her to do, and she just does it. So refreshing 🙂
Kinda fun, because this was the first baptism not in an actually built in font, because our branch is smaller… it was in one of the blow up ones, and it was the funniest things seeing her and the Elder baptizing her getting in and out of that thing. Needless to say it was a group effort, and it was hilarious. But this week we just saw so many miracles, most of them connected to Tefta. She is just such a dedicated member, of about 24 hours. Already being a missionary to her entire neighborhood, so there are lots of potential investigators that we will be meeting with this week! Oh man… I love Tefta.
Also today for pday we were going to go on a wild adventure, but it has been postponed till next week… so yes. So instead I downloaded some mormon messages and we watched them today. This one I watched called origins was absolutely amazing and I pray that each of you will watch it! Did my eyes shed some tears when I watched it? Maybe.. Why yes, yes they did.
If any of you lack wisdom, let (them) ask of God.
And He will show you the truth. For He is the way, the Truth and the Light.
Love you all lots!
-Motra Kollmen


CIMG6975 CIMG6976 CIMG6978 IMG_1792 (1) CIMG6974


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