Ponder the Path at Thy Feet

Hey there beautiful people. Today was a wonderful day! We went to Apalonia, where PAUL taught. Now i can say that I have walked where that great apostle walked.. made me think of one of my favorite talks by president monson, ponder the path at thy feet, in which he talks about a woman who visited Jerusalem and awed at the fact that she was walking on the very places the savior may have touched and walked himself… and President Monson talks about how it is far more important to not walk where he walked, but HOW he walked. I thought of this as i was up on this mountain of Apalonia… thinking wowza this is where PAUL was. An incredibly powerful teacher, one of the greatest missionaries of ALL TIME…. And I was incredibly humbled to be there and to realize that this time as a missionary, that I have already passed and the 2 weeks that I still have… this is the time to walk LIKE Paul walked, a man of God who worked miracles in the name of our Lord and Savior. I want to do that.

 I know miracles are real. I have seen them. Many. Large, as well as small. He is everywhere. And we are His tools. How wonderful, how humbling that the Lord trusts 18 and 19 yr old punk kids to preach the most important thing the human race could possibly hear? I will never be able to express adequately the gratitude within my heart for the chance I have to be a missionary. There is truly nothing more great that I have ever done in my life. And I relish this time that I still have to be a full time, preaching teaching messenger and representative of the Lord Jesus Christ.
1 stake conference in tirana yesterday, our bus broke down thrice, and we got stopped by the police once, and it was wonderful to see the majority of the RC’s there! woot woot
2 I have learned to make many albanian foods this week, the RS is determined to make me an albanian chef before I head back to the land of McDonalds.. haha
3 Inviting the world to be baptized. feels so good!
4 lots of fun photos!
Love you kids, keep on keeping on, Motra Kollmen
also if I dont really email much next week, dont be alarmed.
CIMG7035 CIMG7022 CIMG7020 CIMG7016 CIMG7004

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